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Lineage 2M Expands Access Limits

The developers of the MMORPG Lineage 2M project recently announced that they are preparing to expand the geography of access to their project. Very soon there will be a global presentation of the game, but the studio decided to start conquering the world with Japan and Taiwan. Pre-registration for participation in the project will be launched in these regions tomorrow. This event will be followed by an official release. It is noteworthy that in the country of the Rising Sun the game has already received an official teaser site, with which it will be possible to pass pre-registration.


Lineage 2 gamers will receive gifts from 4game...

The Lineage 2 project was first shared exactly twelve years ago. In 2014, the developers opened a server in the Classic version, and just a few years ago the company released Essence. The latest version is designed specifically for those players who are not willing to spend a lot of time. In addition, the company constantly supports the game with new content. And, according to official statistics, the twelve-year work of 4game was not in vain, and the game is still very popular.


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