Latest news and updates Minecraft

Caves and Cliff will bring new caves to the game

Mojang AB continues to gradually disclose what content will be added to the game along with the Caves and Cliff updates. In particular, players will soon be able to create a new type of cave. Thus, some of them will have a cellular structure with protrusions similar to the holes in Maasdam cheese. The new caves of the second type will be very long, with winding, like pasta, corridors.

The city of dwarves was built in Minecraft

The Minecraft game universe is growing exponentially. If at the dawn of this project most of the players were interested in simple gameplay and the opportunity to have fun and fun time, simultaneously tying up online dating, now among fans of Minecraft has become really fashionable to create incredible architectural structures that copy either original buildings, or mythological castles, which no one has ever seen.

New eco-map for Minecraft unveiled

Microsoft has been developing projects for a year to improve the awareness of the population in the environmental improvement segment. The company actively promotes the desire to reduce the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, as well as waste-free production. A few days ago, the corporation prepared another report on environmental sustainability. To make it better perceived by the population, Mojang studio decided to visualize all its basic concepts.

Ray tracing transformed Minecraft

Many are used to the fact that the game universe Minecraft offers countless opportunities for gamers, while can not please with its graphics, and this is its highlight. However, do not forget that some individual worlds in the game universe support even the technology of ray tracing. You can only run them on Windows 10.

The use of modern technology has significantly improved the appearance of the game, as confirmed by the recently published by NVIDIA official videos and screenshots. In particular, today the network was published a trailer that showed how the game copy of Minas Tirith in Minecraft, using ray tracing, looks like.

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