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Black Desert Online will have a new class

The game was first shared by Black Desert Online about five years ago. Since then, developers have introduced a lot of new content, gradually increasing the constant active audience of gamers. This time, the developers decided to please their fans with the introduction of a new game class, and this innovation will take place in celebration of the five-year anniversary of the release.

Bless Unleashed testing postponed

The famous studio Round last year promised that with the advent of 2021 will be launched the final beta testing of their new project. It was to be held in a closed format and put an end to the long epic of development. However, today it became known that the company's plans were again adjusted and now the testing has been postponed to May this year.

LOST ARK has a new class

The update for the LOST ARK project was one of the most anticipated among connoisseurs of the MMORPG genre. The main part of the content was the introduction of a fresh gaming class. It was symbolically called "Agent SCOUT." It is noteworthy that the class will be included in the archetype shooter. Thus, representatives of this formation will be able to keep their distance from enemies, while demonstrating excellent skills of attack with long-range weapons.

Presented a major update for Shadowlands

Blizzard representatives continue to fulfill their promise and actively support one of the most popular games of our time World of Warcraft. Experts say that the constant replenishment of the project with new content is very popular with gamers and, undoubtedly, gradually expands the audience.

MMORPG Crowfall may be released in 2021

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors about the new game Crowfall, which is created in the format of MMORPG. To avoid distortion of the facts, the developers still decided to tell the press about the stage at which the creation of their new game is now. As it turned out, content development is at the final stage. Therefore, it is likely that the release will take place already this year.

Comes a major update for Neverwinter Online

Most recently, a major add-on Neverwinter Online, whose content has been called "Scharanda," was announced. The developers said that the patch will be divided into three episodes, the first of which was a fascinating story campaign. It is designed to make the gameplay more diverse and bring back the interest of the audience.

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