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Revealed details about BlizzConline

Developers of the popular project World of Warcraft tomorrow will hold a digital event, in which they promised to hold several announcements of future updates. But today the network got data that the exhibition will reveal details about WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic. According to the source, the release of this add-on for the classic version of the game will take place already this year, which means that the developers still chose the best solution for themselves.

What do we know?

TitanReach goes to Steam

A few weeks ago, there were first rumors that TitanReach is experiencing some financial difficulties, which is why many assumed that the studio will not be able to release the announced game in time. However, today it became clear that the official launch of early access TitanReach in Steam will take place in exactly 10 days. In part, this is still an unfinished project, which the studio continues to refine, but the most ardent fans of MMORPG will still be able to appreciate the main features of the novelty.

Final Fantasy XIV will support 5 years

The head of the studio involved in the development of Final Fantasy XIV recently gave a major interview, in which he revealed a lot of interesting information. In particular, the expert said that given the current growth rate of the game's audience, the studio will support it for at least five years. Moreover, if MMORPG receives a significant number of new players during this time, the terms of active support for the project will be extended.

Revealed a new useful bug in World of Warcraft

In the new addition Shadowlands was found a curious error, allowing to add variety to the gameplay. Thus, one of the enthusiasts found that with the help of one bug in World of Warcraft manages to call an army of glowing bears. Moreover, the error allows you to quickly collect gold - in just an hour, according to the blogger, it will be possible to increase your capital by fifty and even a hundred thousand coins.

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The Exiled will lose support

A few years ago, the developers of the project MMORPG The Exiled actively advertised their "child", conducting bright marketing campaigns and actively attracting audiences. However, as it turned out, the right serve of the game is not the most important thing.

Caves and Cliff will bring new caves to the game

Mojang AB continues to gradually disclose what content will be added to the game along with the Caves and Cliff updates. In particular, players will soon be able to create a new type of cave. Thus, some of them will have a cellular structure with protrusions similar to the holes in Maasdam cheese. The new caves of the second type will be very long, with winding, like pasta, corridors.

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