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Star Wars: The Old Republic is the best MMORPG

The Star Wars: The Old Republic project has been in a deplorable state for a long time. Due to significant flaws, the game was left massively by gamers. Many were not satisfied with the fact that the studio refuses to replenish game content, and minor updates are released only on the occasion of the holidays, and given the high competition in the MMORPG games market, this behavior of developers is simply unacceptable. The audience's interest was almost completely lost amid rumors about the closure of the project.

Phantasy Star Online 2 will be released..

SEGA has repeatedly said that the Phantasy Star Online 2 project is of great interest to her, which is why the company is doing everything to expand the potential audience of gamers. Confirmation of this is the news that the game will soon be released on the expanses of the Epic Games Store. It will take place in 5 days.

Easter trees to Persona 5 found in WoW

One of the gamers of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands reported that as part of the new addition, they discovered an Easter called persona 5. To get to know her in person, it is enough to visit Ardenveld. If you are careful, it immediately catches the eye that the job titles in the quest chain are the same as the names of already approved soundtracks of the project. The user immediately told about his find on the official forum and, as it turned out, not only he managed to find some references to Persona 5.

World of Warcraft concept art published

he cult game called World of Warcraft turns seventeen this fall, while the history of the development studio is much longer. In 2021, the company will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary and announce a lot of pleasant surprises for the most loyal and loyal fans. By the way, the first ones have already been published.

Blade and Soul 2 launch

A few months ago, the date of the official presentation of the new site for the Korean project Blade and Soul 2 was declassified. Now the possibility of pre-registration in MMORPG is open. At the same time, the developers released a small presentation video, which allowed to evaluate all the features of the new game project.

What awaits gamers?

The city of dwarves was built in Minecraft

The Minecraft game universe is growing exponentially. If at the dawn of this project most of the players were interested in simple gameplay and the opportunity to have fun and fun time, simultaneously tying up online dating, now among fans of Minecraft has become really fashionable to create incredible architectural structures that copy either original buildings, or mythological castles, which no one has ever seen.

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