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Horde bypassed the Alliance at Nafria Castle

The new addition shadowlands was one of the most successful in the history of the World of Warcraft project, because after its release the game became the best-selling in history (in the PC segment). In the first day alone, the supplement was purchased in the amount of 3 million 700,000 copies. Even more interest of the audience was caused by a new raid, which was launched in the spaces of the Shadowlands. He invited players to meet with all the bosses of The Castle of Nagria, for the passage of which are relied on useful prizes.

But, as it turned out, the new raid did not bring good luck to everyone. Just yesterday it became known that the raid hall of fame of the last test included exactly one hundred guilds of the Horde. This suggests that representatives of this guild were more likely to deal with bosses at a landmark level, winning the achievement of the Hall of Fame: Ser Denatrius.

New eco-map for Minecraft unveiled

Microsoft has been developing projects for a year to improve the awareness of the population in the environmental improvement segment. The company actively promotes the desire to reduce the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, as well as waste-free production. A few days ago, the corporation prepared another report on environmental sustainability. To make it better perceived by the population, Mojang studio decided to visualize all its basic concepts.

Presented by MMORPG Wild Terra 2: New Lands

The developers of Juvty Worlds studio, as promised, released in early access a new project called MMORPG Wild Terra 2: New Lands. The new product can already be purchased within the Steam service at a price of 699 rubles. Experts noted that they have big plans to add new content to the game, and in the early version gamers will find something to please themselves.

In WoW: Shadowlands found a new bug

Gamers of the popular virtual universe World of Warcraft have discovered a new bug that operates on the battlefield. As it turns out, fighters performing under the banner of the Horde can take advantage of the call of the NPC, which is able to destroy all the characters playing for the Alliance.

Virtual Love in Elder Scrolls Online

Studio-creator of the project The Elder Scrolls Online told the public that soon in the virtual universe there will be more romance. Thus, in an interview, the official representative of the project said that gamers will be able to enter into a loving relationship with their companions. This feature will come with the release of another chapter called Black Forest. The event will take place in the early summer of this year.



In Elyon there were executioners

The developers of the popular MMO project have officially presented a new game class, which is designed to make the virtual universe more interesting. We are talking about the so-called "Executioners" who will be available to the public on Wednesday. It is noteworthy that the new class was already the sixth in the project.

The special feature of "The Executioners" will be a special fighting style, which is the main advantage of choosing a character of this kind. Executioners have a two-handed sword of gigantic size, and with just one movement the weapon is able to kill the enemy.

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