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Fresh details about The Day Before project

For several months now, rumors have been circulating on the network about a new project, not yet announced, called The Day Before. Now gamers have the opportunity to evaluate the real characteristics of the game due to the release of a dynamic and very informative video.

For Honor is available "Battle of the Eclipse"

Officials of the Project For Honor told about the launch of a new game mode. It is called the Battle of the Eclipse. The event started just yesterday and is ready to surprise gamers with dozens of new features. It is noteworthy that the event is temporary and will stop exactly after 20 days.

As part of the "Battle of the Eclipse" gamers will fight for the opportunity to capture the enemy forge and defeat the enemy leader. There are two teams fighting in the arena, each with four players. To cope with a powerful boss, players will have to get a scythe. Otherwise, it will be impossible to achieve the goal of the event.

Announced "killer" The Division

Projects in the genre of MMOs in recent years are very popular, which forces developers to create more and more new games. However, the market has long developed a certain gradation of MMOs-projects on those that the whole world knows and those that at the start have won a small audience and stopped their development. Game The Division belongs to the first category and is very popular among gamers, but soon things may change, because the publisher MyTona announced a game that is very similar to The Division.

Ray tracing transformed Minecraft

Many are used to the fact that the game universe Minecraft offers countless opportunities for gamers, while can not please with its graphics, and this is its highlight. However, do not forget that some individual worlds in the game universe support even the technology of ray tracing. You can only run them on Windows 10.

The use of modern technology has significantly improved the appearance of the game, as confirmed by the recently published by NVIDIA official videos and screenshots. In particular, today the network was published a trailer that showed how the game copy of Minas Tirith in Minecraft, using ray tracing, looks like.

RF has new content

Today, a new event was launched in the rf virtual universe. It has been dubbed the Magic Study, which fully reflects the content itself. Developers have prepared an interesting storyline, pointing out that it will not only return the interest of the current audience, but also attract new users to the virtual project.

Thus, through mysterious faults in the usual Shards of the world got Dark Matter. She is insidious and aggressive, ready to absorb all the good that comes in her way. And only the brave players of the project can cope with it, with maximum effort.

Gamers have passed a fan poll in WoW

Blizzard officials haven't given a clear answer for a month about what the World of Warcraft Classic project is going to be. At the same time, there is no doubt that the firm is trying to develop a solution that would not only satisfy the vast majority of active users, but also attract new players to the servers. That's why the studio has repeatedly conducted surveys of different nature in the network, but their results are still secret.




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