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In WoW will weaken magicians, druids and paladins

Blizzard has shared features of a future patch to be released for the latest addition of shadowlands to the World of Warcraft universe. As it turned out, gamers are waiting for a major change.

In particular, players will now be able to inflict 20 percent less damage on animals belonging to warlocks, hunters, and death knights. In addition, the nature of the impact of the so-called Weakening effect in arenas measuring 2 by 2 will also change. Impact ability will start at 20 percent if teams have their own healers and tanks.

Blizzard videos re-filmed in a new capacity

All trailers for the famous game have always been very spectacular and interesting, having a storyline and intriguing until the last second. However, it is impossible not to notice that many of the videos are out of date, given that the first of them were published about 20 years ago.

One of the loyal fans of World of Warcraft decided to correct the situation and created official remasters for all traders of the project. Moreover, all the videos received the resolution of the image in 4K with a frame rate of 48.


Declassified storyline WoW: Shadowlands

Experts working with data in large information arrays, accidentally found in the files of the last update of the game World of Warcraft an interesting video, revealing the development of the storyline of the project. This video immediately caused a surge of interest from fans of the game universe, because it tells about what will happen next with Silvana Windwing and Anduin Rinna.


Lineage 2M Expands Access Limits

The developers of the MMORPG Lineage 2M project recently announced that they are preparing to expand the geography of access to their project. Very soon there will be a global presentation of the game, but the studio decided to start conquering the world with Japan and Taiwan. Pre-registration for participation in the project will be launched in these regions tomorrow. This event will be followed by an official release. It is noteworthy that in the country of the Rising Sun the game has already received an official teaser site, with which it will be possible to pass pre-registration.


Staff fear in WoW found his master

The world of Warcraft Classic version, although less popular than the actual one, never ceases to complement new interesting content and regularly renew the interest of the audience. This time, many were shocked by the news that the legendary weapon called the Guard staff had finally found its owner. This was reported by the gamer-lucky on the pages of the profile forum.

Recall that to obtain weapons required to get 40 fragments called "Atiesha's Sliver." This task will be realized during the passage of the Naxramas raid. At the same time, it is not necessary that during the test gamer will receive shards, so the owner of the staff of the Guardian is incredibly lucky.

Details of the WoW sports tournament revealed

Representatives of Blizzard company told details about the next esports competitions in the World of Warcraft universe which will take place next year. As it turned out, this time the format was changed again. ESWC PvP tournaments will be divided into two seasons, and will be held by region. as for the mythic dungeon international events, they will be transferred to the category of international competitions. Moreover, PvP tournaments will not only be divided into two seasons. Various thematic championships will be held within their framework.


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