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"The Sky-High Deities" for Perfect World came out in.

Заоблачные божестваThe servers of the popular MMORPG have another update! Users will find a large-scale inter-silver Imperial Battle, new locations, an original catalog, allowing to emphasize the individuality of his character and more.




In the advertising Shadowlands lit favorites…

The launch of the large-scale Shadowlands supplement has turned into a grand event. The target audience had known for a long time when they would be able to return to MMO and literally counted the days before the presentation. But it seems that the developers of the studio did not have enough. They decided to significantly expand the circle of their admirers due to a loud announcement, and made a commercial that attracted the attention of the public.

What's new in Jade Dynasty? Update, news, rating.

Jade Dynasty новости на

Jade Dynasty

In mid-June, Jade Dynasty announced the merger of Mail.Ru Games with MY.GAMES Store platform. Thanks to this, the following innovations became available to players.



Aion server news, announcements, reviews, ratings.

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On October 14th, the update for Aion's Korean servers was released - Aion 7.7. The patch notes are as follows ...

What was the Western Lands update?

What's in the latest global update for Perfect World?

Launch of the project


We are pleased to inform you about the launch of the project

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