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How guilds work in New World and whether it is necessary to join there


The MMORPG genre is about a big (or small!) company. About comrades and friends with whom to explore the shouldy dungeons, powerful enemies are destroyed and majestic bosses fall to their feet.

Surprisingly, recently many studios prefer to create content for lone wolves, thereby ignoring the essence of MMO - mass multiplayer. But New World is still true to the classical principle of game design and almost all activities in the endgame take place exclusively in a group or even a whole guild. Today's story is about them.

Why join a guild in New World and what can you do?

The huge island of Aeternum, on which the events of New World take place, is divided into several territories at once, each of which has its own central city. In it, you can find fractional NPCs, auction buzzing with bids and crafting machines. Each regional center is owned by one of three factions that are at odds with each other. Before plunging into the world of New World, the player decides which faction he will belong to.

Having decided on the choice, you can begin to look for a suitable guild (here they are called "companies"). However, it is quite tolerable to play in proud solitude, but we will talk about guilds.

What's the benefit? Why be distracted by guild activities? Here everything is obvious - if you join a sufficiently strong organization, you can capture one of the available cities. Thanks to this, the guild will have at its disposal not only the city, but also the surrounding areas with a fort to protect against future attacks.

If the land does not have an official owner, you need to pay a hundred thousand coins, after which the territory will be painted in the colors of your guild. So far, there are 11 zones in New World for capture and competition between players, and in the future this number will increase.

Peaceful affairs

After the capture of the city, the leader of the company (guild) will become the mayor and will be able to expose taxes for all transactions taking place in his settlement. Also, the mayor can qualitatively improve the life of the whole city, for example, by raising the level of crafting machines, so that it will be possible to create improved items, increasing their grade. But it is important not to raise taxes too much, since in an economically advantageous environment it will be much more attractive than a tax hell. For example, the lower the taxes, the more houses players will buy in the city, and artisans will be able to produce much more goods, which in turn will have a positive impact on the size of the city's treasury.

To get acquainted with all the advantages that a guild with a territory gives to the player, you need to go to the city menu and click on the yellow question mark with the inscription "Benefits". If the guild has its own territory, then its members will be much easier to extract valuable resources, teleportation will be much cheaper, and the price of real estate is lower. And this is not all, for example, a guild with a territory will increase all players' luck and give a lot of other advantages.

To further improve their possessions, the mayor or his assistant can initiate city projects - this is a large-scale procedure that will require feedback from the entire guild and players visiting the city. To contribute to the development of your city, you need to go to the bulletin board and complete the proposed task. Having gained the necessary amount of experience and making the necessary amount, the standard of living in the city will increase, and its residents will receive additional buns.

Military events

If you want peace, prepare for war. The Golden Rule also works in the New World, because the guilds of hostile factions will surely take a toesy in the form of an economically profitable city. That's why I'll send the biggest tags to New World. Sieges of forts are the icing on the cake, the highest-level PvP content. A hundred players will come face to face and the winning side will be able to either protect their possessions or get a new domain at their disposal. But to start the siege, you need to comply with several conditions.

The first thing to do is to score enough points in enemy territory. This can be done by guild players by completing PvP tasks. This is a risky business, because if the character dies, the progress of the quests will be reset and everything will have to start anew.

If the owners of the territory do not really want to start an official war, the enemy can be counteracted at the stage of PvP quests. Seeing the increasing band of enemy influence on its territory, the guild can assemble a raid and begin hunting for the enemy in the open world. These large-scale skirmishes are the second reason why famous tags drew attention to New World. It is understandable, because one thing is a siege - an official event that begins at a strictly defined time. And the other is a hellish spontaneous battle for several hundred players.

Having completed the necessary number of missions, the faction can declare war on the enemy. An interesting feature is that the band of influence at the same time with you is filled by other guilds and if their contribution is more than ten percent of the total, then it is their guild that will be able to start an official war.

The start is given, the war is officially declared. For the future event, the selection of players will immediately begin. Any member of the guild can apply for participation, but the leaders will select the 50 best warriors. The event will take place at a certain time of the defending party. And the participants selected by the leaders of the parties will be teleported to the event site. To succeed, the attackers need to capture control points, break into the fort and provide control of the central flag. A curious nuance - if the attackers capture the points in front of the fort, then this territory will also come under their control after the decisive victory.

During the battle, you can use a variety of equipment. Mines, ballistas, rapid-fire turrets and cannons - defend your possessions fun! However, the power of all of the above directly depends on the level of development of the city.

Equipment can be used by attackers, but if the defending side receives it for free, then attackers will have to use special tokens that are farmed right during the battle.

Strangely, the differences between all three factions of New World are very conditional, they do not have any unique game features. Therefore, do not worry about the fact that you may miss something while playing for a certain faction. In terms of benefits, it is best to join the one that has the most territories. The main difference between factions is the quest chains and unique equipment of the NPC merchant. Otherwise, the factions are very similar to each other mechanically and are very different only visually.

But what if a wrong choice was made and you want to join another faction? This can be easily done, you need to go to the biography section and find the appropriate item. It seems simple, but from the moment of joining a certain faction, you need to wait 120 days so that you can change it. And it will be possible to join only the weakest side of the conflict, so that everyone at once cannot go over to the side of one faction and create a full-fledged hegemony on the island.

By changing the faction, the player will lose his last rank, which actually means a complete pumping from scratch, which is very harsh.

The factions and guilds in New World are almost one and that's damn good! Judge for yourself: do you want a peaceful game? Please improve the city and work for the benefit of its inhabitants. Does your soul crave battles? No problem, here again opened a set for the next protection of the city from dirty barbarians. As a result, everyone will find something different, and as the game develops, which is now at the very beginning of its existence, you can expect more and more interesting activities, both factional and solo players.

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