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World of Warcraft concept art published


he cult game called World of Warcraft turns seventeen this fall, while the history of the development studio is much longer. In 2021, the company will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary and announce a lot of pleasant surprises for the most loyal and loyal fans. By the way, the first ones have already been published.

Thus, on the pages of online publications there were the first concept art, which were developed just for World of Warcraft. The greatest attention of the audience was focused on the map, which was drawn by the former vice president of the studio. In addition, gamers were able to assess exactly what the iconic characters of the virtual universe looked like in the early development phase. The original interface was also interesting, which over the years has been significantly redesigned and improved.

Recall that the studio Blizzard celebrated its next anniversary 3 days ago. On this day she posted a touching video in which she thanked all her fans for their support, attention and sincere love for their work.


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