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Horde bypassed the Alliance at Nafria Castle


The new addition shadowlands was one of the most successful in the history of the World of Warcraft project, because after its release the game became the best-selling in history (in the PC segment). In the first day alone, the supplement was purchased in the amount of 3 million 700,000 copies. Even more interest of the audience was caused by a new raid, which was launched in the spaces of the Shadowlands. He invited players to meet with all the bosses of The Castle of Nagria, for the passage of which are relied on useful prizes.

But, as it turned out, the new raid did not bring good luck to everyone. Just yesterday it became known that the raid hall of fame of the last test included exactly one hundred guilds of the Horde. This suggests that representatives of this guild were more likely to deal with bosses at a landmark level, winning the achievement of the Hall of Fame: Ser Denatrius.

It is noteworthy that the representatives of the Alliance could not come close to the success achieved by the Ordyn troops. Thus, the first military faction was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the number of only sixteen guilds. Note that the first place in the list of Alliance teams is the Russian-speaking guild Exorsus.

What's new in the project?

The adventures of the last raid continue, the time the company Blizzard does not cease to please fans with gifts. In particular, now every gamer who decided to buy game time for 6 months receives from the studio as a gift a new vehicle. Lucky Yun was named the symbol of the New Year and it can be received by players. By the way, those who have a six-month subscription have already been activated can count on such a gift. However, the developers do not rule out that the gift will be provided with some delay.

The action is temporary - you need to activate the purchased subscription by the end of the summer of this year. The standard cost of a bull in a game store is 1 thousand 350 rubles. Considering that a half-year subscription costs just over two and a half thousand - this is a very profitable offer from Blizzard. In addition, a few more days in the game will be a discount on the half-year subscription of 18 percent, so everyone who wants to get a new means of transportation should hurry up.

Please note that in the classic World of Warcraft version, this mount is not available.

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