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New eco-map for Minecraft unveiled


Microsoft has been developing projects for a year to improve the awareness of the population in the environmental improvement segment. The company actively promotes the desire to reduce the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, as well as waste-free production. A few days ago, the corporation prepared another report on environmental sustainability. To make it better perceived by the population, Mojang studio decided to visualize all its basic concepts.

The interactive form of the report was embodied in a new map created for the world-famous game Minecraft, which every year gathers a growing audience. The map was officially named Sustainable City. Representatives of the studio noted that with the new location, they hope to increase the sense of responsibility of each gamer for the planet.

Features of the map

The new location illustrates an innovative ecologically balanced city, which should become a prototype of all future megacities. It is noteworthy that the map itself can be run through the Education Edition service, which is designed to educate children. You can download the map for free.

The main advantage of the map is the demonstration of a full-fledged food chain. All the steps of the technological line have been worked out, from the direct manufacture of the product to the disposal and recycling of waste. In addition, a wastewater treatment system has been created on the virtual map. Thus, the studio showed that it is actually quite possible to carry out multi-stage cleaning of contaminated water, turning it into a drinking, which can again be used for the water supply of the city's population.

Part of the map is a large landfill, but it is also created with all modern eco-requirements in mind. In addition, the location includes designs designed for environmentally friendly extraction of electric energy. To get to know all the innovative developments, gamers can visit the hydroelectric power plant, the production pipeline and other thematic facilities based on the Microsoft report.

In practice, to appreciate all the advantages of eco-city gamers will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to create their own home. Only eco-sustainable materials and current technologies will also be used for its construction.

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