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TitanReach goes to Steam


A few weeks ago, there were first rumors that TitanReach is experiencing some financial difficulties, which is why many assumed that the studio will not be able to release the announced game in time. However, today it became clear that the official launch of early access TitanReach in Steam will take place in exactly 10 days. In part, this is still an unfinished project, which the studio continues to refine, but the most ardent fans of MMORPG will still be able to appreciate the main features of the novelty.

Recall, TitanReach is a classic MMORPG game that combines sandbox elements. The spacious open world will not leave any obstacles in the way of fantasy gamers in terms of their own realization. Here everyone will be able to build the life that he always dreamed of.

It is already known that the game will have an unlimited class system. In addition, after death, each character will be deprived of all their belongings, and the game path will begin again.


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