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The third chapter will be released in Guild Wars 2


The developers of the Guild Wars 2 project said that next Tuesday the third chapter of the game, which will be dedicated to the "Ice saga" will be released into the public. The studio reported that this time gamers will have to go through a new and very complex solitary mission. Her storyline is very confusing, but captures from the first minutes. Details are still being kept secret. It is known only that the new mission will be dedicated to Braham.

In addition, the new content implies large-scale battles with the army of dragons. All the actions will take place in the vastness of new locations, which will be very colorful and interesting. In addition to performing combat missions, gamers will be able to get acquainted with several allied factions, which in the future can help them.

As part of the announcement of the new part of the game, the developers have published an informative trailer on the network, which demonstrates the main features of the content. In particular, the main objectives of the chapter were succinctly illuminated, as well as the battles with dragons. As for the final part of the Ice Saga, its release will take place before the end of this month.

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