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Comes a major update for Neverwinter Online


Most recently, a major add-on Neverwinter Online, whose content has been called "Scharanda," was announced. The developers said that the patch will be divided into three episodes, the first of which was a fascinating story campaign. It is designed to make the gameplay more diverse and bring back the interest of the audience.

Moreover, today it became known that, passing the test in the new campaign, gamers will be able to get to the previously unknown mysterious location called Vault of Stars. This is a dungeon, which, according to the developers, will give gamers a lot of impressions. The new location will be available next Tuesday.

As for the newest campaign, its main place will be the Dark Palace. Players will have to find a powerful artifact, but the mission will be desperately hindered by the Frost Prince and the Royal Gardener. The final boss will be the queen, which will be extremely difficult to cope with. But as soon as the gamer plunges him, the path to the internal storage will open.

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