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MMORPG Corepunk will appear Ongers

Representatives of Artificial Core were going to conduct a closed beta test a few weeks ago. The situation was significantly corrected by the coronavirus epidemic, which disrupted the game-making process and led to unforeseen difficulties. In addition, the developers did not want to release the project on the background of the release of an add-on to The World of Wacrfaft called Shadowlands. However, the studio representatives claim that the work on the game continues, and confirmation of this is the news, which regularly demonstrates the degree of readiness of MMORPG.

Presented a major update for Shadowlands

Blizzard representatives continue to fulfill their promise and actively support one of the most popular games of our time World of Warcraft. Experts say that the constant replenishment of the project with new content is very popular with gamers and, undoubtedly, gradually expands the audience.

Revealed details about BlizzConline

Developers of the popular project World of Warcraft tomorrow will hold a digital event, in which they promised to hold several announcements of future updates. But today the network got data that the exhibition will reveal details about WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic. According to the source, the release of this add-on for the classic version of the game will take place already this year, which means that the developers still chose the best solution for themselves.

What do we know?

Revealed a new useful bug in World of Warcraft

In the new addition Shadowlands was found a curious error, allowing to add variety to the gameplay. Thus, one of the enthusiasts found that with the help of one bug in World of Warcraft manages to call an army of glowing bears. Moreover, the error allows you to quickly collect gold - in just an hour, according to the blogger, it will be possible to increase your capital by fifty and even a hundred thousand coins.

How to use the find?

Easter trees to Persona 5 found in WoW

One of the gamers of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands reported that as part of the new addition, they discovered an Easter called persona 5. To get to know her in person, it is enough to visit Ardenveld. If you are careful, it immediately catches the eye that the job titles in the quest chain are the same as the names of already approved soundtracks of the project. The user immediately told about his find on the official forum and, as it turned out, not only he managed to find some references to Persona 5.

Horde bypassed the Alliance at Nafria Castle

The new addition shadowlands was one of the most successful in the history of the World of Warcraft project, because after its release the game became the best-selling in history (in the PC segment). In the first day alone, the supplement was purchased in the amount of 3 million 700,000 copies. Even more interest of the audience was caused by a new raid, which was launched in the spaces of the Shadowlands. He invited players to meet with all the bosses of The Castle of Nagria, for the passage of which are relied on useful prizes.

But, as it turned out, the new raid did not bring good luck to everyone. Just yesterday it became known that the raid hall of fame of the last test included exactly one hundred guilds of the Horde. This suggests that representatives of this guild were more likely to deal with bosses at a landmark level, winning the achievement of the Hall of Fame: Ser Denatrius.

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