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Given the large and constantly growing demand for online games, I want to find a suitable server for myself, both online and by reviews.

On our site you can find a suitable game, filter the search criteria, and see the best game world or server of your choice.

We are a new, honest, fair and loyal rating of online gaming servers 2020.

At the moment, games such as:

Aion, Lineage, Jade Dynasty, Mu Online, World of Warcraft, RF Online, Perfect World and others.

A wide selection of game worlds

Rating of more than 20 mmorpg games

Every week, and also stably every month, a new game server is created and opened.

All added worlds are moderated before appearing in the top.

The new servers are trying to show themselves and their zest of the worlds in order to attract players to evaluate and raise online.


Adding a server in 2 steps

Speed and convenience when adding your project

For administrators of game servers, an easy and comfortable addition of their project to the top has been made.

The ability to provide information about your server in the most detailed and beautiful way.

Moderation of servers within two hours, constant support and maintenance of top projects.

Server Feedback System

Honest reviews from real players

A high level of trust, and voting is one of the particles of selecting and putting your project on the top.

In addition, we really appreciate the feedback from live players, it is very important when choosing a server to see what players who are already playing on this project think about it.

Feedback is moderated within 24 hours, reviews are carefully checked before publication on the site.

The more reviews the project has, the greater the involvement of players in this game project.

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