General project rules

Please read the instructions and rules before using our website. By staying on our site, you confirm that you agree with the terms of its use.
Our team is constantly working to improve the protection system, trying to provide the most accurate rating. Technical support specialists work to give advice as soon as possible, or to assist you in solving any problems or difficulties, creating the most comfortable conditions for using our resource. We do not sell positions in the ranking, but only try to show you an objective picture of the popularity of certain projects. We show loyalty and go to meet all those who need our help. MMOrate administration is ready to consider your constructive suggestions and wishes regarding the improvement of the functionality of our site.


Only registered users can vote, add their projects, leave comments and reviews. Your personal data specified during registration will be used solely for identification.

When registering, you must provide a valid email address. If you use an invalid or temporary email address, we cannot guarantee the correct operation of the functions of our rating, as well as the support of such accounts. There is also no support guarantee when registering multiple accounts. Moreover, such accounts are considered suspicious.
To register on the MMOrate website you need:

  • Go to

  • In the right corner, click the "Create an account" button

  • Enter login, email, password

  • Put a tick in the square box, thereby agreeing to the terms of use

  • Complete captcha

Please save this data to avoid losing access to your account.



1. You can vote once every 24 hours. Voting from multiple accounts on the same day is an offense. In the future, you will not be able to vote from these accounts if we discover the fact of cheating. The administration does not guarantee that votes will be credited if you use two or more accounts.

2. It is necessary to indicate only personal data: email address, social media profiles, phone number. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the correct operation of the account.

3. The user can vote once a day for one server (except for VIP voting).

4. Plain voice is authenticated. If the security system considers it suspicious, the voice may be blocked. Locked voices cannot be restored.

5. The user must independently monitor the information that he enters the voting process.

6. The administration of is not responsible for the accrual of bonuses on the game servers, since it has nothing to do with their accrual. All requests regarding the fact that the bonus is not credited can be ignored, provided that the vote is taken into account in the server statistics.

7. The "Messages" feedback form in the account settings is considered to be the official form of addressing the MMORate administration.
In order to vote, you must perform the following actions:

  • Register an account on our website or log in
  • Choose a server from the list for which you want to vote and click on the "vote" button. You can also vote by clicking on the vote button on the game server website
  • After that you will be redirected to the voting page, where you need to choose the game you are playing
  • Choose the game world and be sure to check the nickname that is indicated. Attention! After voting, you cannot change the nickname or the game world
  • After clicking the vote button, you will see a pop-up window informing you that the vote has been accepted and sent for processing

Please note that this does not mean that the vote will be credited. It is accepted and will be sent for verification by the anti-fraud system.

To make sure that your vote has been taken into account, you should go to the "My Voices" section in your MMRate account personal account. Votes are credited within an hour.

After you vote with a regular vote, the "VIP voting" button will be available.

If the button does not appear, it means that the server administrator has banned VIP Voting.



To place a game server in the rating, you need to do the following:

  • Register an account on our website or log in
  • In the menu of your account, go to the section "My servers"
  • Click the "Add Server / Project" button
  • Fill in all the fields on the page, indicating the basic information about your project
  • Follow further instructions

No need to create separate projects for each game server. If you have several game servers, then they can be placed in one project.



Before appearing in the rating, your project is sent for moderation / verification.

To successfully pass the moderation, with the subsequent placement of your project in the rating, the following must be done:

  • The presence of a voting button on the main page of the site or on the forum. The voting button must have the correct URL that leads to your server profile.
  • Availability of a paid domain and hosting (sites on a free domain and / or hosting cannot participate in the rating)
  • The site and server must be accessible
  • The presence of at least 3 votes
  • The information filled in the profile of your project must be reliable and correspond to the subject of our rating and the game you declared, and also must not violate the norms of generally accepted morality
  • The design of your project must be appropriate and unique, and also not violate copyright
  • All links on the site must be working
  • The url of your project must be unique and linked to only one MMO account.
  • The name of your project must also be unique. Cannot host multiple projects with the same name
  • Your project must not be plagiarized by any other project
  • Your project should not participate in third-party ratings that spread false information about MMO rate or are our clones. If such a situation occurs, the administration of MMOrate will notify you about it
  • It is possible to use the forum instead of the site only at the discretion of the administration.


1. Cheat votes.

1) Motivate and encourage players who vote more than 1 time per day

2) Use automated and massive vote cheats

3) Use the services of "cheaters" and services for cheating votes. In cases of detecting a suspicious increase in votes, the administrator of the game server must inform the administration of MMoreit about it. If this does not happen, then we regard the situation as a deliberate cheating order by the server administration. The first time the server receives a warning. If the situation repeats, then the server receives a ban, the period of which is set by the administration on an individual basis, the winding up votes are removed, and the server's rating will be reduced.

2. Dissemination of false information about the MMO rate rating, as well as participation in projects that disseminate such information.

3. Publishing obscene materials in the profile, project description, reviews and comments.

4. Substitution of the content of the page to which your project's link leads to information not related to game servers, after passing through moderation.

5. Cloaking



  • 1) If your url is not available
  • 2) Game worlds are not available
  • 3) There is no voting button or the link leads to another profile
  • 4) You are using a free domain or hosting
  • 5) Site design or URL is not unique
  • 6) you violate the norms of generally accepted morality



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