About the project rating of online servers MMorate.com

MMO games have gone through a long evolution - from the naive and simple Ultima Online to modern Korean hits. Sorting out all this is rather difficult. In addition, in addition to the official servers, informal 'shards' are periodically opened, the so-called 'free chips' with an alternative balance, rates, loot and other changes. How to determine where to play? By the influx of players? This is a situational matter. Our site MMoRate.com allows you to make a choice based on objective indicators.

How did we do it? Love for games and meticulous statistics. It is clear that everyone has their own preferences, and the pleasure of the game is a personal thing and little measurable. Therefore, MMoRate relies on a pure scientific approach - where is the balance better, where the classes are balanced, which servers are better responsive and have a greater margin of safety with a simultaneous influx of a large number of players. Technical support and the developers' plans for the long term of the project are also important.

We are a young, active, ambitious team full of ideas and new goals. We do not just work together, but enjoy the process of creating a unique game rating. We always check the reliability of each server. No viruses, phishing, ad trojans, or anything else. Our chart contains only high-quality online servers, where everyone can have a lot of fun. We also monitor all major patches and updates for already released popular games. The recommendations provided by our site are not final, because everything can change in a matter of weeks. Therefore, we advise you to visit us more often and check the relevance of the information.

MMORATE does not depend on the year the base game was released, but only on its popularity and relevance. The legendary 'line' is more than ten years old, but additions keep it alive and in demand. In AION to this day, thousands of players are hacked only on the main servers. Also, the visual style almost does not affect the final grade. 'Korean' or 'Western' MMOs are just schools of game-making, not an indicator of quality.

The MMORATE chart is not very large yet, it has 8 games, but our energetic team is doing its best to expand the range as quickly as possible. Hit MMOs are released literally every six months in the world, which means that we will have to work on impartial reviews and drawing up further recommendations for beginners.

What do we need from you? Only sincere love for the game and active feedback! The MMORATE site is actively developing, follow the replenishment of game cards and trends in the field of modern online entertainment. Stay tuned and good luck on the virtual battlefields!

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