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How guilds work in New World and whether it is necessary to join there

The MMORPG genre is about a big (or small!) company. About comrades and friends with whom to explore the shouldy dungeons, powerful enemies are destroyed and majestic bosses fall to their feet.

Surprisingly, recently many studios prefer to create content for lone wolves, thereby ignoring the essence of MMO - mass multiplayer. But New World is still true to the classical principle of game design and almost all activities in the endgame take place exclusively in a group or even a whole guild. Today's story is about them.

The developers of Book of Travels shared the details of the classes

Might and Delight studio shared a video with the community where Arvid Khan, game designer of Book of Travels, introduced players to the characters.

Unlike many other games of the genre, in Book of Travels, developers will move away from the standard division of heroes into races or classes, and the variety of characters will be achieved through the concept of "kinship with the wind". In total, in Book of Travels, players expect 12 characters, each of which is fundamentally different from the previous one and belongs to one special type of wind.

MMORPG Corepunk will appear Ongers

Representatives of Artificial Core were going to conduct a closed beta test a few weeks ago. The situation was significantly corrected by the coronavirus epidemic, which disrupted the game-making process and led to unforeseen difficulties. In addition, the developers did not want to release the project on the background of the release of an add-on to The World of Wacrfaft called Shadowlands. However, the studio representatives claim that the work on the game continues, and confirmation of this is the news, which regularly demonstrates the degree of readiness of MMORPG.

Open news about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

It seems that those who are waiting for the imminent appearance of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen in the public domain expects another disappointment. Despite the fact that the game has been developing for six years, the creators still continue to publish gameplay videos, not giving a single hint that the presentation of the finished version will take place soon. However, many gamers do not upset this fact and they are ready to wait, and one of the most desperate fans of the genre MMORPG and did invest in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen million dollars.

Changes are coming in Mortal Online 2

The studio, engaged in the development of the game format MMORPG called Mortal Online 2, have prepared another update. To introduce the new content to the audience, the experts decided to broadcast and explain in detail what exactly they were doing recently. It is noteworthy that the project itself is now in the closed beta stage.

The third chapter will be released in Guild Wars 2

The developers of the Guild Wars 2 project said that next Tuesday the third chapter of the game, which will be dedicated to the "Ice saga" will be released into the public. The studio reported that this time gamers will have to go through a new and very complex solitary mission. Her storyline is very confusing, but captures from the first minutes. Details are still being kept secret. It is known only that the new mission will be dedicated to Braham.

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