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MMORPG Crowfall may be released in 2021


Recently, there have been a lot of rumors about the new game Crowfall, which is created in the format of MMORPG. To avoid distortion of the facts, the developers still decided to tell the press about the stage at which the creation of their new game is now. As it turned out, content development is at the final stage. Therefore, it is likely that the release will take place already this year.

At the same time, independent experts noted that it is not necessary to trust Crowfall developers at their word. The fact is that the release of the project has been postponed for five years in a row. Each time, the studio experts say that they reincarnate the game and make fundamental changes to it, but it is simply impossible to verify it. Only officially the presentation was appointed four times.

But it seems that this time the developers of MMORPG were frank and really believe that their work is coming to an end. The interview itself was very large-scale, experts answered each question in detail, not trying to hide what is now at the stage of development, and what is already completed.

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