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In mid-June, Jade Dynasty announced the merger of Mail.Ru Games with MY.GAMES Store platform. Thanks to this, the following innovations became available to players.




  • More games in the catalog and monthly release of new products;
  • Group chat, which can be created according to your interests, communicating without installing additional programs and passing registrations and getting the opportunity to select a team without entering the game;
  • The emergence of the 'Community' section;
  • Streaming the game on various popular platforms without the need for intermediary programs;
  • Acceleration of work, updated design and interface of the Game Center;
  • Creation of an extended player profile;
  • Providing more authorization methods;
  • Access to the platform's blog, which contains information about updates and interesting news.

Jade Dynasty 3: PlayBB version 4.4.0 leads the ranking of JD servers. This is a fully translated PvE server with three races (Theons, People, Altari), a maximum level of 160 and working locations without lags. On JD servers, technical work is periodically carried out. The latter were completed on 6 October.

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