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What was the Western Lands update?


What's in the latest global update for Perfect World?


  • Northern lands
  • Northern continent
  • Nikiya city and the sky of equality
  • Atlas of Heaven and Earth
  • Altar of the virgin
  • And much more!


New locations.

Requirements for playing in the location: hundredth level, two rebirths, the first level of 'Mirage Sky'. Then it will be possible to go through the quest chains and start the game in the location.

New statuses.

По прибытию в новую локацию доступны несколько цепочек квестов, которые ведут к изменению статуса игрока на статус "Асура", а с дальнейшим развитием на "Мудрец". Требования для получения статуса "Асура": сотый и выше уровень персонажа; статус "Бессмертный" или "Сын Ада"; десять уровней Призрачного неба; завершение задания "Талантливый командир".

Великие умения и Рыцарские руны.

Upon arrival at a new location, several quest chains are available, which lead to a change in the player's status to the status of 'Asura', and with further development to 'Sage'. Requirements for obtaining the 'Asura' status: character level 100 and above; Status 'Immortal' or 'Son of Hell'; Ten levels of the Haunted Sky; Completion of the mission 'The Talented Commander'.

Arena of Aurora.

For battles in the arena, players receive 'Aurora Medals', which can be exchanged for resources to create jewelry and capes. They enter the arena with the help of the NPC 'Clodis', it is located in the city of Dragons and the Indestructible City. But in order to be a participant in battles, you first need to qualify - go through the quest at the NPC 'Sixt', namely, play ten battles after which the player receives the rank of arena. The number of medals that the player can receive depends on the rank. In the arena, you can fight in team or individual battles, three on three or six on six. Individual battles do not give the player any rewards.

There are many other changes coming in the Northern Lands update as well.

Skills of all classes have been significantly reworked. For example, archers and shamans will now prepare spells faster.

The combat and summon pets of Druids, Mystics, Guardians and Reapers have been changed - they now all inherit most of the characteristics of their masters and use artificial intelligence. For example, now pets will not apply control skills if the target is immune to them.

Wang Tsai exchanges knightly runes of level 8 and higher for similar ones of a different color of your choice.
The equipment of the characters at the Imperial Battle has been changed - souls are inserted into the equipment, some classes have received weapons and stones for a protection indicator.

In the Aurora Arena, participants receive equal equipment, as in the Imperial Battle.
Some titles increase characters' health. New titles have been added, including three chains in the Central Lands.

Side changes.

  • New engraving for rings with two and three characteristics;
  • In the interface of the gazebos, you can configure the automatic refusal to enter this type of chat;
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect cooldown of the assassin's Throw skill when using the Vanish skill;
    In the character characteristics window (key 'C') a new button 'History' has appeared. It allows you to open the Book of the History of the Ideal World, containing over 300 pages. This button will become active after activating the Ideal World Annals item. You can get them after completing a series of quests in the Circle
  • History of the Western Continent;
  • In the optimization settings, you can now turn off the display of the genie and fairies;
  • Changed animation and mechanics of messages pop-up in the center of the screen. Now several recent messages are also displayed there, and the older the message, the smaller and more transparent its text;
  • The maximum number of coins in a backpack has been increased to 1 billion;
  • Players in PVP status (swords) will no longer be able to enter the Transcendental World for 5 minutes;
  • Dungeon 'Temple of the Elements' now always starts with a test of a fiery location (boss Burning Low);
  • In the settings (key 'U') of the interface, a button has been added that allows you to return the interface to the original settings;
  • Optimized trading option. When the backpack is full, trading is impossible. If the backpack is full during trading, trading will stop automatically;
  • The turns of the mounts have been animated. They now turn more smoothly;
  • Mystic skill 'Devil's Curse' does not damage targets with immunity to physical damage;
  • With the NPC Merchant Yun, using a special task, you can exchange 100 and 500 million coins for checks;
  • Reduced the cost of decoupling the resources of the Mirage of Sandstorms dungeon;
  • Added the ability to automatically turn on the alchemist's sphere upon entering the game;
  • Changed icons for some existing buffs and debuffs;
  • For single dyeing of fashionable clothes, added a notification about dyeing an item in one of the fixed (from dye) colors;
  • New quests 'Bounty Hunter' have been added for characters level 100 and above who have passed two rebirths and reached the first Mirage Sky. To complete these tasks, you must defeat Princess Liang Ji (Silver Citadel), the last boss of the Mirage of Sandstorms dungeon, the Lord of Illusions (Sea of ​​Illusions) or the Great Priestess Soledad (Palace of Dawn);
  • Reduced the reward for completing the 'Bounty Hunter' daily quest for level 100 characters;
  • Updated spouse daily quests. Changed both the tasks themselves and the reward for them;
  • Added the ability to use and move on ships and cars.

The information was taken from the official Russian server.

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